NCI Lookout

View from the East [Image 1: Open // Image 2: Closed]


Location: Norfolk, UK
Programme: Community
Cost: Confidential
Status: On-going
Client: National Coastwatch Institution


The project is for the design of a new National Coastwatch Institution Lookout post located on the North Norfolk coastline. The site sits within the Historic Holkham Estate and is located in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
The proposal replaces the current Lookout facilities to create more of a visitor focused operation which uncludes the creation of a larger space for both operations and education of visitors and improving the visual aspect of the NCI’s accommodation. The proposal looks to utilise the existing slab creating a new view point for visitors.

The design is explores the notion of a transforming and shape shifting architecture, drawing together both maritime references and that of  local fishing huts. 

View from the West [Image 1: Open // Image 2: Closed]

Existing NCI Lookout to be replaced and enlarged.

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