Location: Toronto, Canada
Programme: Installation
Cost: CA$10,000
Status: Competition Entry
Client: Winterstations


LandscOpe was designed for Winter Stations Competition in Toronto, Canada. The competition was based around an existing lifeguard station with a budget of CA$10,000. The month long installation will be held in March.

The design originates from the summer function of the lifeguard station as an observatory of the interaction between man, the landscape, and nature. Current thinking about global warming suggests that our interactions are permanently and irreparably altering this landscape, creating warmer summers, but also harsher, frozen winters leaving us longing for the spring and the thaw. The key question we pose is how do we see ourselves within this changing environment?

LandscOpe is proposed as a winter observatory, affording visitors a chance to reflect on an altered and fragmented perspective from the lifeguard station. It is a mirror-lined hexagonal shelter that functions as a kaleidoscope, reflecting the shattered view of the frozen landscape. This can be observed from three main locations, each will offer the visitor a different scale and level of immersion.

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