I am Archive


Location: Croome Court, Worcester
Programme: Installation / Exhibition Design / Education
Cost: £45,000
Status: Complete
Client: National Trust
Designers: erm.


I Am Archive was a competition-winning project to design an installation for the Grade I listed Croome Court.

From the outset the project looked to challenge the ‘dusty’ preconception of archives. The  design was conceived as a living breathing installation that emerges from Croome’s walls to expose the illuminated archive within.

The contemporary sculptural form references traditional archive storage and shelving, and provides a flexible and interactive display, whilst also offering a vision of archive that creates a bridge between old and new. At its centre, visitors experience an immersive infinity effect, which emphasises the extent of the knowledge vein running through the heart of Croome and offers a moment to wonder at the scale and value of archives; past, present and future.

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Designed within the erm. designs, an interdisciplinary collaboration with theatre designers Ruth Hall and Max Jones.


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