I am Archive


Location: National Trust Croome Court, Worcester
Programme: Installation
Cost: £50,000
Status: Complete
Client: National Trust
Designers: erm.


The installation was designed to emerge from the solid walls of Croome Court and highlight the illuminated ‘archive’ within. The sculptural form referenced and re-used the idea of standard archive storage, reaches from floor to ceiling, connecting to one corner of the room. This physical connection emphasised the link between the archive and the fabric of the building, highlighting its essential part of Croome’s essence and being.

There are 5 pre-defined zones which use sound and visual display to present a stimulating experience between archive material and the visitor. At the projects centre, an infinity mirror effect is intended to take the visitor into the depths of Croome's archive, the archive will stretch high above and far below the visitor, appearing to run vertically through the floors of the Court.

The sculptural installation offers both immersive and interactive display possibilities, affording visitors a unique experience of a living, breathing and speaking archive at Croome.

Designed within the erm. designs, an interdisciplinary collaboration with theatre designers Ruth Hall and Max Jones.

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