Arnold Circus Soundscape


Location: London
Programme: Installation
Cost: Confidential
Status: Completed
Client: Confidential


This project proposes a temporary sound installation, exploring the relationship between physical space and sound space and how the presence of the two impact a listener. The site is located in the centre of the Arnold Circus Bandstand

A sonic landscape is created by 18 different sound artists. Each section is curated under a ‘theme’ which in turn is driven by an overall ‘theme’. Each sound artist has 4 horizontal sonic divisions and 3 vertical sonic divisions within their landscape. Making a total of 12 audible spaces per basic curation

Standing, sitting or laying, each land undulation will produce a clear and single auditory stream which is dependent on your position and interaction with the landscape surface. As one walks through landscape headphones tune in and our of soundscapes. Some pleasant. Some less so.

When looked down upon from within the two temporary observation towers, every sound at 1500mm will be heard at once. The soundscape will work as a perhaps not so tuneful orchestra. Those sounds closest will be loudest, whilst those further away will be quieter.

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